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Welcome to Pairs Care!

Today begins a new month, a new chapter in my life and a new career. Welcome to Pairs Care! This is my first foray into blogging and I'm an eager learner. I hope you are too. Pairs Care is my passion and my full time work. In the words of the Beatles, mine has been "a long and winding road." As you can read elswhere on this website, I've worn several hats during my career: pastor, clinician, therapist. Everything I've learned and done along the way has brought me to where I am now. As someone said, "It took a long time to get here, but I'm right on time."

God has given me a passion for a very special type of clinical counseling--couples counseling. As a therapist, couples counseling is both the most daunting and the most rewarding work I've ever done. When a marriage hangs in the balance, the stakes couldn't be higher. Pairs Care was born of a passion to see marriages not just survive, but thrive. I'm so excited to see Pairs Care come to life.

Too many things to mention in this small space have fallen into place to bring it to pass. Without a doubt, God has been in it. The great folks at Randolph Memorial Baptist Church in Madison Heights have welcomed me and Pairs Care is based there, although it is a fully private counseling practice. I hope and pray to be a positive influence for couples in whatever way I can. The Gottman Institute, founded by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, has prepared me well both to counsel and train couples with practical and powerful insights and interventions. Couples counseling is just one facet of Pairs Care. And I know that some couples may not be able to afford professional counseling. For those who can't, other opportunities such as workshops, trainings, public speaking, links to excellent websites and even this blog can be helpful as well. Each week, I'll post information and observations for strengthening relationships. I'm glad you've come this way. If I can help, please contact me.


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