.  I have been an ordained minister since 1983 and have pastored churches in Virginia and North Carolina. In the 1990's, I transitioned to the counseling field in 2001 maintained a private counseling practice until God led my wife, Debbie and me to head south to Florida in 2017. I am licensed to practice in  Virginia (LPC) and Florida (LMHC). So, I am a preacher who counsels or a counselor who preaches. But, both venues gave me a passion for helping people, especially couples. As a therapist, I focus exclusively on couples. That's all I do. Couples therapy is a special type of counseling and I want to be the very best at it that I can be. 

Some therapists are indifferent about whether their clients divorce or stay together. I'm not one of them. I want every relationship to make it and I will do my best to help yours thrive. The Gottman Institute and the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy have equipped me and I want to equip you. I want you to feel confident and hopeful about your relationship. Let's change things for good.     

Since I'm a former pastor, you might wonder where religion fits into my work. I see theology and psychology as two sides of the same coin.  They don't contradict; they complement. My goal is to meet people where they are and we usually find that God got there first. 

In addition to working with couples, my other passions are my wife, Debbie (the best nurse, in my humble opinion, that God ever put on two legs), our growing family (seven grandchildren and counting), bicycling, fishing and photography--more than enough to keep me busy.

My prayer is that, as God has blessed me, I might bless others.  Contact me; whether it's therapy, a workshop, public speaking or training, I'll do my best to help your relationship, your church, your civic group or organization to learn and grow.

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