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A Gift That Keeps On Giving

My granddaughter, Nevaeh and I recently saw something special. Sandhill cranes are prolific in Florida. Every Spring, new chicks hatch. We saw a beautiful pair of adult cranes near our house with two young chicks close by. I explained to Nevaeh that sandhill cranes usually have two babies at a time and the adults mate for life. I told her that means the mommy and daddy bird stay together until one of them dies. Nevaeh thought about that for a minute and said, “I wish my mommy and daddy would do that.” Now, that will make your eyes water. As a couples therapist, part of my passion is that restoring marriages can restore whole families. For those couples fortunate enough to have children, there is another priceless reason to take care of your relationship. The best thing parents can give their children is a healthy marriage. Many studies show that parents who nurture a strong relationship give their kids the best possible shot at good health and well being as they grow. How much is your relationship worth? You’d no doubt say it’s priceless. What is one great thing you can do to make it better? How about a trip to Orlando? I’m excited to invite any couples (engaged, living together, married, no matter how long), to attend a “Hold Me Tight”® couples weekend workshop here in Florida. A Hold Me Tight® weekend workshop is not marriage therapy. It’s education and experience in a safe setting that will strengthen and enhance your connection. It could be the best investment you’ll ever make in your family. A couples workshop is not a sign that your relationship is in trouble. Indeed, it shows how much you treasure it. Jim Rohn said, “You don’t have to be sick to get better.” That couldn’t be more true when it comes to relationships. Don’t wait to “get sick.” Make a good thing better. Do your relationship a favor and do it in the sunshine state. Our next workshop is coming soon! Check out our new website: for all the dates and details.

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