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"Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work"


John Gottman is famous for his research and his ability to predict with great accuracy (over 90 percent) whether couples will eventually divorce after observing them for just a few minutes. But Gottman's greatest contribution is not in predicting which couples will divorce; his research also reveals what makes relationships last. The Seven Principles Program comes from that research. This program equips couples with skills and insights that strengthen their friendship, help them to manage conflict and create deep, shared meaning together. You will learn what makes relationships steady and sturdy.

The workshop is not therapy. It's a fun, practical, educational experience that will leave you more confident and better equipped as a couple.

The Seven Principles is flexible and adaptable to groups of various sizes and settings. Mark is a trained Seven Principles Program educator.  

Hear what others have learned...


"I learned that I have so many incredible things to thank God for. This will enhance and make a great relationship better."


"I learned that I don't have to fix every problem--just learn to listen."


"The workshop made me think about the many positive aspects of my marriage."

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