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Five Things You'll Learn at a HMT Workshop

As you probably know, my colleague, Vicki Kennedy and I host four Hold Me Tight®️ couples weekend workshops a year near Orlando, FL and we have seen couples make amazing changes in the span of one weekend. Don’t think that two days can’t make a difference! In fact, here’s what one of our attendees said after our last workshop: “I walked in this weekend in despair and ready to give up on my marriage. I am leaving filled with hope, love and a new respect and admiration for my husband.”

So, just what happens at those marriage workshops? Let me tell you five things you’ll learn on a HMT weekend.

1. You’ll find out that you’re “normal.” Sometimes, we begin thinking that no relationship struggles the way ours does. At a HMT workshop, you’ll be with other couples in a low key setting. No one gets put on the spot, but you’ll find out that other couples have the same conflicts, the same confusion and the same wants and needs. It feels good to know that others are in the same boat with you.

2. You’ll find out that, in the end, you and your partner want the same things. You’ll learn that we all just need connection, “safety” with our loved one and you’ll learn how to get through the background noise and “tune in” to one another.

3. You’ll learn about what really matters in your relationship. So often, “details” distract us. We think we need better skills. We try to debate or negotiate about money or sex or religion or in-laws or children. And we miss what really matters. You’ll learn to get past “content” and get to connection.

4. You’ll find out why you sometimes get so “stuck.” When couples get disconnected (whether it’s open combat or a Cold War), they fall into unhealthy patterns of communication. No matter the topic, we seem to go round and round in the same cycles. We end up miles apart and it’s painful and scary. We might even feel like giving up. But, when we understand how and why we get so stuck, things that seemed so confusing suddenly make sense and we can find a way forward together.

5. You’ll find out how we fall in love and stay in love. When we understand what really drives us, what we need and how to give our partner the same, love can blossom, even if you’ve been a million miles apart. If you are skeptical, give it a shot. HMT workshops have an excellent track record. They are rooted in research; there is a science to love and you’ll learn about it with us.

So, treat you and your partner to a great weekend in beautiful Orlando, FL. Get away and do something great for your relationship. It may be the best two days you ever spend together. Our next workshop in November 2-3. Get all the details on our website:


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