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Pairs Care Heads to the Mountains

Gotta tell you about our Pairs Care Marriage Retreat this past weekend in Fancy Gap, VA., our first, but definitely not our last. God has graciously provided an absolutely gorgeous venue for our time away. A private cabin, known appropriately to us as "The Sanctuary," is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, overlooking nearby Mt. Airy, NC. My wife, Debbie and I welcomed three other couples for our Friday night, Saturday and Sunday retreat where we learned the scripture and the science that make marriage work. We relaxed, had fun, studied, prayed and just spent time together as couples, gaining a vision together for our marriage and our future, just making good relationships better. How often do you take time for that? How often do you get that opportunity? I hope you and your loved one can plan to join us soon.

Four Happy Couples at the Sanctuary

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